O, Felix Culpa! (Oh Happy Fault!)

When my nephew, Isi, came to visit me during my novitatiate, I toured him around the seminary premises. He was quietly listening as I patiently explained every details of religious life that could at least appeal to this young man’s imagination. I thought that I succeeded in showing him how fun my life can be, sans the beer and the… uhm, anyway, I later learned that he was just being polite. As soon as he arrived home, he had an interesting summary of what seminary life is like. My sister reported that he said, “Ang lungkot pala sa seminaryo. Kawawa naman doon si Tito Utoy.
Kawawa?!! Kawawa?!! Lintek na yan, kawawa pa ako? Since we’ve got this daily one-hour adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, I had more than enough time to ponder my pamangkin’s comments.  Isi knows me well and I came to know him as observant and quite frank. Maybe, he’s right, we can say that our novitiate (like anybody else’s novitiate) is a pit, to the standards of the world. For those who do not know what novitiate is, it’s the time in the life of a seminarian when he’s not allowed to make phonecalls nor own anything more high-tech than an analog wristwatch, the time when he undergoes all those psychological and spiritual tests, which years later, I swore to be completely bull (except for some which were really cool, owing much to my equally cool novice master, a vegetarian and a choco-addict at the same breath). Truth to tell, short of hitting a co-seminarian on the nose every after luchtime, I enjoyed my novitiate. Really. Honest. Swear to God.
Then I graduated from the novitiate and I reached the studentate. The studentate is the time when we enrol to theological schools and do all the fun and adventurous things a seminarian dreamed to do inside the seminary. If only Isi can see me now. Kaya lang, he’s busy with his post. Now what are these fun things in the studentate? First, the food is alot better in the studentate . Second, we are now given monetary allowances! Third, the free use of the internet. Fourth, we’ve got free days, days when we can go to malls, to our homes or what-have-you. The implications? First, I get to indulge with my favorite vice: gluttony. Imagine gaining 15 pounds in three years. Second, I’m empowered to do things, like buy things I like, go to places I haven’t been to, indulge in the mindless fun of Friendster and finally make my own blog… Teka, may blog na ako?
Putek, may blog na nga ako! Thank you, Lord!
Teka’t magdadasal na kami. Till next post. I promise to make more sense next time. Puyat kasi, kapapanood ng pirated na DVD ng past episodes ng Heroes.
Panjeet, Jhoen, may blog na ako!


5 Responses

  1. brother, gara ng pinapanpood nyo ha heroes. hindi talaga kayo nahuhuli sa uso. haha. its good you already have your blog. now we can be neighbors LOL

  2. adik ako sa Heroes, kapatid, kahit na sabi nila, kamukha ko yung pendehong pulis na nagbabasa ng isip. hwehehe….

  3. bro… ang sarap talga ng buhay dyan sa pinas… here I am busy for my finals and the major research papers are all due… two week ago I had a very nice visit Jewish Synagogue with Rabbi David i was a feeling of connectedness to relationship with elder brother… the talk was full of fun and academically well sound. last friday to saturday vespers we had a recollection with Bishop Motiuk of Easter tradition. he talk about icons it was great… last monday we went to Muslim Mosque and jointhem in thier prayer… a while ago we just concluded our course in Inculturation we had smodging ceremony and talk from native elder for north american native spirituality… well I am just telling that my spirituality is now colorful… how i wish iam with you relaxing at the fine sands and meditate the beauty of God Creation in our native land.

  4. way to go verge! Good luck and God bless always…
    praying for us always.


  5. kung naging lalaki lang ako siguro seminarista din ako ngaun.. hehehe. good luck sa vocation mo br. utoy! God bless! 🙂

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