Exultet: The Aftermath

The Easter Vigil went just fine, thank God.  The missionary priest who celebrated the Mass made more mistakes than I do with my exultet that it didn’t matter anymore for me to get all the hymn’s notes right. He didn’t know where to place the nails on the Easter candle (the rubrics calls for grains of incense being inbedded on the wax usinga stylus) and forgot all about the immersion of the candle on the holy water (one of the most beautiful prayers of the Church, my Liturgy teacher claimed). This missionary priest’s homily became a big blur of tired excerpts from Brothers Karamazov, Henri Nouwen and the Little Prince, no one, not even the nuns, cared anymore so long as this liturgy, which is the Church’s best and my personal favorite, and, at that paricular night, was botched at all seams, finds its ending.  I recieved a stipend of 5K pesos (which I immediately surrendered to my superior) and a dozen of Easter eggs.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.


3 Responses

  1. you know what, exultet for me is the most difficult, tiring and exhausting liturgical song in existence yet it is the most profound and glorious to be heard. No one in our seminary were allowed to sing it except my mentor and friend priest who is so good in singing the hymn. Kinikilabutan ako pag si Padre Ron kumakanta nyan.

    funny you mentioned henry nouwen, he is one of my favorite writers and my influence to say the least.

    I have a question, is it a sin to be aggressive in defending the catholic church and be frank about your opinion against those who deliberately insinuate malicious claims against the church? naisip ko lang.

  2. si pareng henry nouwen? nakow, alam ko ang ibig mong sabihin, kapatid. each book he wrote has the potential of changing anyone’s perspective on prayer and spirituality. natatakot na nga akong bumili ng mga libro nya eh. hehehe…
    As for defending the Church, sabi nila, kung kaisa ka ng buong Simbahan kasama ng obispo mo, you are part of the ordinary magisterium. ang sabi ko, highschool pa lang ako, kahit na “I believe in God” laang ang alam kong dasal, nakipag-away na ako sa mga kaklase ko para sa Simbahan. Abah, bastusin na nilang lahat, ‘wag lang si Nanay!

  3. 5k????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sobra nagandahan sila sa boses mo kafatid… cherish mo ‘yun dahil once na nasa sta+ ka na… wala ka ng bayad para pakantahin ka nito… mahihirapan ka pang makipractice…hehhehe… i can now imagine watching you sing d exultet 3yrs from now… di ka pa na-assign na kawork mo kami, di ba? excited, praying partner!

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