Mga Adik!

Our seminary has one addiction which they do not hide nor deny. No, it’s not the 11PM coffee rituals at the refectory (seminary talk for mess hall or dining room) nor is it the Lobo-Mania after supper. It’s not the billiards after the study period and surely it isn’t the 2AM visit to the computer room to check out some, uhm, websites. Hear this, people: our seminary’s number one addiction is volleyball. Vollleyball after breakfast, volleyball after siesta, volleyball before vespers (evening prayer), volleybal during community outings, volleyball during retreat… These people couldn’t think of anything to do other than volleyball. What’s annoying is that it never ends there. My community would talk about it, during dinner, while watching TV, on a road trip, or while hanging out at the community veranda. Some seminarians would talk the afternoon’s game in a such a detailed manner, that if you happen to miss the game, you’ll be given a blow-by-blow account, like it’s a Manny Pacquio – Juan Manuel Marquez match in Youtube. What amazes me is that others would listen with such attention as if they themselves weren’t at that game. Mga adik talaga…


4 Responses

  1. haha OMG, kaya ayaw ko magbasa dito dami ko na-aalala sa seminary namin. Mga kapatid ko sa seminary adik na adik din haha. halos wala na nga magbasketball noon kasi puro volleyball inaatupag. noon naman medyo nababanas ako aksi gusto ko magbasketball. Buong buhay na kasi volleyball nilalaro ko noon kaya sawa na ako. pero dahil nga sa wala maglaro ng basketball at masaya ang volleyball, ayun sumalina rin ako haha

  2. volleyball addict pala kayo sa loob? ahaha! anway.. its ok! try nyu po daw mag basketball! hehe. suggest lang naman. Ü

  3. Ngak! Talga bang volleyball ang addiction ng mga seminarians? Ganyan din kami sa canossa dati, waaahh!! Akala ko kami lang ang nagbvolleyball, hahaha..

    Pero aspirant pala ako nun.. nuon un.. hehehe

    Iisa isahin ko lahat ng entry na nasa seminarian tag mo ha. hehehe.

  4. kakainis ako ndi masyado marunong magvolleyball!!

    pero nakakatuwa siguro panoorin ang mga seminarian na naglalaro ng valleyball..kase siguro kapag ndi nakakapalo ng bola ang kateam na papasign of the cross or nagdadasal ng mahina para makascore..hehehe

    pece brother uts^^

    god bless and ingatz…mwaaahugss

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