Wholly Weak

Holy Week, Last week’s Holy Week!  One notable day of that week is the spy Wednesday, the day we remembered the betrayal of Jesus by Judas. Out of our observance of Lent, we’ve began our fast. No volleyball today, thank goodness. No wonder, our computer room then was packed with seminarians suriously sending out e-mails about the love of God, the essence of Lent, the presence of the Trinity in the Cross and whatever things they won’t exactly contemplate about, had there been a volleyball game that morning. And because it’s Lent, we refrained from visiting Youtube to see the latest video of Janina San Miguel (of “I belong to the one of the tough ten” fame), and instead began replying to forwarded messages that glorify love and friendship and tell about the story of that kid throwing a brick to a Ferrari or a Porsche.
Last week too, I began practicing the Exultet (a hymn that extols the glories of Easter) as it appeared in the Sacramentary (Catholic book of liturgical prayers). Man, is it a tricky little bit! It sounded so simple (it plays only five notes) but since it will be sung a cappella, it worried me if I can actually get through the whole thing without getting offkey. The nun who taught me the song (a Pink Sister who asked for my name and then wouldn’t tell me hers because she said, “it doesn’t matter, really.”) is a real stickler to the notes and told me emphatically that I must learn how to sight-read the piece before Saturday night. Haynako… buti na lang, may ensaymadang pamerienda ang madre, else, I’d be peeved, decide to belt out on Easter Vigil a blues version of the Exultet and watch that nun’s habit turn from pink to violet. Talk about Saturday night fever.



2 Responses

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  2. kaya naman pala matumal…may exultet exultet pa…para kasing nakakatakot ang tunog,hehehe

    o ayan may comment na itong post na ito!

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