Bicol Chronicles Part 2: dem Philipinoes are sons of beaches

(I just returned from my week-long retreat at Tagaytay. )

A week ago, I ended my story on arriving at the shores of Sipocot.  Since the memory of this Bicol trip is being superceded by new memories at Tagaytay, i-fast track na lang natin ito, mga Ate’t Kuya.

It Always Hurts at the First Night.  The community had its first Bicol Mass and still couldn’t help but laugh each time “Daga” and “Asin” are mentioned.  At sup, we had nilupak, among many other things.  We watched, God help us, “Meet the Spartans” projected at the makeshift “telon.”  Needless to say, the kitchen staff who joined us in this pirated DVD viewing were scandalized.

Tsinelas Lang ang Tunay na Islander.  The following morning, after praying the lauds, we went to Tres Marias, this group of islands (guess how many?) which is a 30-minute boatride away from the parish.  I swear to God, the Most Holy Trinity, that as we cross the sea, the water is so calm, it looked like a big spread of blue silk fabric, with occasional flying fish to stir the surface.  We landed on one of the islands, which is uninhabited, quiet and simply awe-inspiring.  Our community camera, which, despite being digital, isn’t at all hightech, clicked away at each scenery.  Sayang nga lang, the better looking places were not accessible for us to take pictures at, because we had to swim to reach them. Anyway.  We still wandered about this deserted island like those characters from the much-celebrated Joey Giosengfiao movie in the 70’s starring Dina Bonnevie.  At a certain point, in my attempt to find better views, I skinned my shin at some rock formations that looked like Wolverine’s claws when he was de-adamatium-ized.  They scraped deep that it’s as if my tibia is showing.  My formator, squimish at the sight of blood, shuddered in “diri”.  It should be noted that not a single animal, plant or any living creature was wilfully harmed during our island invasion.  Nor did we pee on open seas again.    Here are a few of the pictures we’ve taken (di pa ako marunong mag-upload ng mga litrato so napasobra yata ang baba ng file size).


one of the Marias



9 Responses

  1. hehe nasan si UTOY bakit nagtatago? LOL. ang ganda ng mga kuha mo brother.

    Nareceive ko message mo ngayon s friendster. pumunta agad ako dito ngayon para alamainang problema sa paguupload mo. buti naupload mo na sya.

    ayos naman brother ang file size nya at malinaw naman hehe

    sobra ganda nung island. ang klaro ng tubig.

  2. nagtatago kasi medyo natakot sa article sa PDI kaninang umaga. hehe… how’s Davao pala?

  3. Utoy salamat sa pagbisita sa aking pahina. Ang ganda ng beach sa pictures, pero sana nagpakita ka hehe! Mountaineer din ako pero mas gusto ko talaga ang beach. Kung gusto mo, ibabalato ko na sayo si Aida, Lorna at Fe, pumili ka na alng sa pictures doon sa post ko! hahaha! Add kita sa blogroll, meron kasing mga bumibisita sa blog ko, hindi naman nagpapakilala kaya ayun, hindi ko sila ma-add. Salamat ulit pards! Nakikita ko sa taas ng comment kong ito ang comment ni pareng bluep, ex-seminarian yan, at talagang matinik sa chicks! hahaha!

  4. naku yung Davao e chizmiz lang ata. kala ko totoo na hehe. pero sayang sana totoo kasi di pa talaga ako nakakalabas ng luzon.

  5. hehe pare-pareho pala tayong mountaineers eh LOL

  6. hi, thanks for visiting my site – ang ganda naman dyan, saan sa bicol yan? when i was searching for beaches sa bicol, wala akong makitang websites e, ayan pala ang ganda 😀

    pansin ko lang, bakit panay si bluepj ang andito, hehehe

    @ teacher ko sa blogging si bluep eh. bagito pa ako, wala pang one month. ikaw, pwede ka bang teacher kengkay?

  7. grabe… kainlove…

  8. ang ganda tlg ng mga shots!
    paturo nman po ng tips sa photographY!

    ang galing tlg eh!!!

  9. ang ganda naman ng bicol! paturo nmn sa blogging.. 🙂

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