Wanna Piece of Utoy?

I’ve got something to confess.  First, you see the man in my avatar?  That isn’t me.  it’s a vintage photo of a seminarian from our congregation during the early sixties.  Second, I’ve got pictures of me in the Net which I am not particularly proud of but are now posted by a well-meaning friend in his website.  To view them, click on this link and kindly leave a comment there.  But I must warn you, what you’ll find in there about me might scandalize you kasi on that website, I went “all the way” and literally bared everything in public.  You might not look at my blog the same way again.   God help me,  I’m only human…


18 Responses

  1. catch u brother!…its good to see your photo….you’re one of themost coolest seminarian i’ve ever met, so far…

    my warmest rgds from here in Dubai!..:)

    sobrang lumalaki ang ulo ko sa comment na yun ah. Salamat, kapatid. leave a comment on bluepanjeet’s blog para kunyari maraming nagbasa ng story ko. hehehe… God bless!

  2. Back When, Kapatid?

    Lets Just say im an avid admirer of yours for so long as i can remember! I know you, but you may or may not know me! So lets just leave it there, i rather not be known for who i am, besides its taking alot of courage in my part just to even respond or even right this confession, coz this is as close as i can get to ever let my presence be known to you!

    thanks, hope you understand!

    P.S. you really have gone along way from your younger days!!!

    ok. if that’s what you want, walang problema. thanks for the praises, inkong nito. God bless!

  3. hello hello… i lab the eet!

    @taps, tenks the you!

  4. Grabe, Bro Utoy, artistahin ka pala!!! 😆 At least may “alternative career” ka di ba? Or baka you can pave the way to be the first priest/matinee idol in the Philippines – o di ba? 😉

    Kidding aside, your vocation story was very inspiring and again wrought with so much wisdom – especially the part where you said that most of the time, though we usually question what is given to us, when we finally recognize how God is always with us especially our suffering, we learn only to give thanks and even forget all about our misery. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your story. A blessed week to you!

    @pinky, you’re too kind. pang-perya lang ang mukhang ito. 🙂 thanks for taking time to read my looong story. God bless!

  5. Feeling ko lang Bro,PASSIONIST KA.Ay naku ang mga lakwatserong CP sa Cebu…

  6. Sorry,CP. SSS ka pala.

    @no problem, Al. God bless!

  7. bro, taga san carlos seminary ka pala. some of the priests in our alma mater are from there. i don’t if you still know msgr. su, father bong and i have a friend there whom i haven’t got in touch with for the longest time. his name is lloyd tiu.

    anyway, i like your story kahit pa medyo you had a bumpy ride going to where you are now. Minsan kasi gusto rin pakita ng Diyos satin na we are more capable than what we expect ourselves to be. He stretches us. it is God’s way of pruning us.

    and SAVE THE WORLD. SAVE THE CHEERLEADER addict ka rin pala. LOL! 🙂

    yup, a Heroes fan. nerd at heart ang kuya utoy mo eh. Yattah!
    teka, ifoundme, chinese ka ba? the priests you mentioned are from Lorenzo Ruiz Mission eh. God bless!

  8. pogi mo pala father…..keep bloggin..

    photogenic lang. hehehe… thanks for reading Bluep’s feature!

  9. i was touched with your story post “inay”….im sure wherever your mum now po “she’s very proud to have a loving son like you”.I admire also your willingness to pursue your “call” to serve God despite of the obstacles you had encountered.

    thank you, rhosie. God bless!

  10. Bro Utoy, nagulat kami ni ng asawa ko sa mga shots mo…talagang all the way… sa pag kanta, pangingisda at kung ano pa man. Kita mo naman ang mga comments niya… artistahin ka daw…hmmm, mukhang may admirer ka naman aside from Icognito. Hehehe! By the way, hinid mo ata na post ang mga volleyball shots mo… di ba favorite laro niyo yan (harharhar!)

    Biro lang Bro Utoy, baka i-ban mo kami sa site mo ha… sisihin mo na lang si Bluep.

    leap, actually, si bluep ang namili ng pictures galing sa friendster account ko. hirap na hirap siguro siyang piliin yung mga di nakakahiyang i-post. hehehe… as for the volleyball shots, naku, kapatid, I sucked on this game! buti na lang there’s no picture to immortalize how bad i played. hehehe… God bless!

  11. Bro. Utoy! Haha! nakita ko muna ang mukha mo sa blog ni Bluep bago ko nakita ang iyong mga paliwanag sa post mong ito! Ngayon hindi mo na kailangang takpan ng “smiley” ang mukha mo gaya nung mga nauna mong posts! hahaha! Ingat!

    @mix, kailangan pa rin ng smiley kasi mukhang manyak yung ngiti ko sa picture na yun. hehehe… I asked a barkada from Lukban, ice tea rin ang chaser nila. sa Batangas kasi, dinurog na storck. hehehe…

  12. hello! br. utoy.. very inspiring tlaga ung ‘inay’ na post mo.. ibang klase ka talaga at napahanga mo ako sa willingness mo na ipatuloy ung vocation mo despite of what had happen.. two thumbs up kapatid! God bless! rest assured of my prayers for you.. for your vocation! ingat po! Ü

    thank you, dee! nakakataba ng puso yung mga comments mo. salamat sa pagbabasa ng lahat ng posts ko, kahit na may kahabaan. hehehe… God bless!

  13. Looking good in all your photos.

    In the world of blogging, a lot of times, people would forget how important the “About Page” really is. And of course, a picture is an option but I’d rather want to read a blog with the Authors photo in it. It’s like the selling text in a book, right?

    truth to tell, i was hoping to be anonymous. then i realized, even with a revealed identity, anonymous pa rin ako. hehehe… my face on this blog? maybe later. I still like my avatar pa eh. God bless!

  14. aba, brother utoy! ampowgie mo pala 🙂 ok lang sakin na tawagin mo kong “manong”… kasi balang araw magiging tatay din kita — “father” utoy. hehehe

    naku, anak, di naman mashiadow. photogenic lang. hehehe…

  15. walang anuman brother utoy! hehe.. request na naman ako pwede? hehehe. post mo din ung top 10 best photos mo para makita naman namin kagwapuhan mo o di kaya e top 40 nalang.. hahaha! request lang naman br. utoy! hehehe. ingat brother! 😀

    tinatakpan ko nga ng smiley ang ang mukha ko kasi baka mawalan ng gana ang mga dumadalaw sa blog-blogan ko. hehehe… dalaw na lang sila sa post ni bluep kung talagang curious sila.

  16. very inspiring story i read from bluep— God bless you in your vocation especially malamang bumabaha ang temptations especially kasi mala-hollywood ang face mo kapatid! dapat kasi ang mga matatalino, mababait at gwapo pinapalaganap ang lahi pero God works in the most mysterious ways… God bless you all the time!

    hollywood? pang-firewood nga lang eh. 🙂 God bless!

  17. by the way, napaiyak mo ko sa post na yun 😥

    thanks ulit, shenmue! your comments really made my day. 🙂

  18. Wow! Brother, napaiyak mo ko dun ah! Wala akong msabi, idol na talga kita! Nde ko alam kung anong mga salita ang gagamitin ko just to praise you. You are truly blessed and I’m glad that you are sharing your blessings to others.


    ang masasabi ko lang eh: tahan na, jorge.üüü God bless!

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