Mes copains dans l’Internet sont tous les blageurs…

“My Internet pals are all…”  My French sucks, but I just want to point out how the French word for “jokers” sounds so much like bloggers.  Not that I’m implying anything. Anyway…

I got tagged by a real-life couple, Leap and Pinky…  Hey, wait.  Pinky tagged me for real.  Si Leap, he made it impossible for anyone who watched The Passion of the Christ to refuse his tag without a  pinch of guilt.  I guess, I’m gullible enough to fall for his ploy.  Their tags are rather simple.   One has to answer five beauty contest questions and post them on his blog.  Buti na lang, I watched K! Videoke Challenge last Sunday so I got my inspiration on answering this tag from Bb. Pilipinas-Miss World 2008 herself, Janina San Miguel!   Wow, I feel like a winner already.

Fist question:  Recall a period of time in your life when you felt protected.   Of course, the answer to this is world peace, but if my opinion matters, eto:  I relish being vulnerable.  I don’t lock the door of my room when I’m leaving.   I leave my bag around public places.   My  friends hated me for being too trusting, especially with strangers.  Why do I do this?  Because fun and interesting things happen to those who ignorantly expose themselves to danger.  And, corny as it sounds, I got God to protect me.

Second Question:  Recall a period of time in your life when you feel unprotected.  The word “unprotected” unnerves me.  Double meaning kasi…  Anyway, my vulnerable moment is when I share personal things about me.  Kasi I easily get hurt kapag medyo below the chastity belt ang mga comments, promting me to just quietly withdraw from the scene and nurse my wounds on a corner.  And yet, and yet, the “too trusting” trait in me just urge me to go and share my feelings anyway.  Engot…

Question Three:  When was the first time you discovered power?  When, back in my stepfather’s corn farm, I began lifting tractors overhead and leap over the barn on a single bound. Hehehe… Seriously now, I think it all  started when I was small.  When I began to poke a finger inside electric outlets, I learned that power can shock you to death.  Also, as a kid,  I poured over anthills some soapy water, Coke, alcohol, piss, kerosene or what ever liquid on hand to reenact disasters, and I discovered that size is power.  In my elementary days, I’m a big fan of Ernie Baron and as I listen to him give improbable answers to the many outrageous “scientific” questions thrown to him at his AM Radio show, I learned that knowledge (no matter how trivial) is power, etc.

Question Four:  Name a person who’s life affected you most.   John Paul II, whose charismatic appeal is rivalled only by the snoobish air of his writings.  He might have won beauty contests too because he’s also such a big fan of world peace.  But right now, there’s so much to love with Benedict XVI.  He may not be that photogenic, but this old kraut can sure write. Compared to JP2’s encyclicals, his are much better read. 

Question Five: Give the title of the book that has affected you most.  This is easy.  The Bible, of course.  When I was a kid, my only fairytale book is that illustrated Bible storybook printed by Jehovah’s Witnesses which I borrowed from a kid in my neighborhood.  Then in college, I found yet another bible in our house which is full of pictures of biblical archeology.   That had me hooked in reading for about a month.  But really, how I look at the Good Book now is all because of the genius of one priest from Bulacan who was my teacher on three Scripture subjects.  I know Mons. Bart will never approve of how I present the Scriptures in my posts.  He might even bar me from ordination, for all I know.  Still, I owe my blogging style from him, and I’m grateful for that.

Question Six:  A piece of music or song that affected you the most.  Madami eh.  The songs that affected me most are American Pie by Don McLean (for its very beautiful poetry), Bohemian Rhapsody by the Queens (kasi it’s pure genius), Hotel California by America (another genius!), The Way You Look Tonight (reminds me of past girlfriends, hehehe…), and Inay by Arnel Aquino, SJ (which Bluep so ingeniously chose for my vocation story).

Question Seven:  A Movie or a film that affected you the most.  While Leap may expect me to write here The Passion of the Christ or at least Al Gore’s IInconvenient Truth, the true life-changing films for me are each and every Pixar animated movie.  It’s impossible not to be affected by them.  My favorite?  Monsters Inc.  My favorite movie, on the other hand, has no life-changing element in it:  Kill Bill I and II.

Question Eight:  Who or what influenced you to start blogging?  There’s only one person who tricked me, errhh… rather, influenced me to start blogging.  He goes by the name of Army Pogi on his Friendster account but this demigod of Pinoy blogging is more popular to the lesser mortals of blogosphere as Bluepanjeet.  I probably caught his attention when I, a complete stranger to him then, shamelessly volunteered my five-kusing-a-piece vocation story, for him to post on his blog.  My temerity didn’t stop there.  Not exactly computer-savvy, I was dense enough to ask him how to attach a Word document on an e-mail.  By some design of God’s fate, he actually responded to my pathetic letter.   Since then, we’ve been exchanging e-mails.  Then, he sent me this very long e-mail where he flattered me and six other people so we’d help him on something only Bluep can legitimately explain.  Im not the type who cops out so I agreed to help.   A week later, he told us that he’d rather not ask help from us.  Still, his mabolang comment about my capacity to write made such  impact that I, one topak night, opened a blog account just for the heck of it.  Hayun… nadagdagan tuloy ang mga erehe sa blogosphere. hehehe!  Thanks, Bluep, you’ve done so much to help this clueless seminarian find his undeserved niche in blogging world.  In my mind, I’m humming “Wind Beneath My Wings” kaya lang baka hikain ka sa ka-jologan.  Ika nga nila, mushness.   Je te remercie, mon frere.  Tu es un vrai ange des weblogs

I’m not tagging anyone.  Just get yourself tagged, if you think Br. Utoy deserves to get well.  God bless!


20 Responses

  1. Est-ce vrai ? Vous partez pour la France, quelques mois dès maintenant ?

    oui, c’est vrai. Je vais aller France ce juillet mais je ne suis pas tres sur. Ou est-ce que tu a connu la nouvelle? C’est une information privee!

  2. naku ismol world naman bro utoy. arnel aquino sj used to be my teacher in christian life education way back in high school. i have his lauds cd with me here in england. pinatutugtog ko when i feel down. brings me back to the time when we’d have our first friday mass noong high school… it meant we could legally escape first period classes. haha

    musta na? i’m glad you’re well enough to blog after ivp.


    anliit nya no? pinsan sya ng ka-batch ko, eh. bisayang batangueno!
    as for me, I’m taking medications now. God bless!

  3. Just finished downloading all of the studio versions of David cook’s recorded songs on itunes (Ganun ako ka addict) when I remember checking you up if you are already ok.

    ipinagtayo mo na naman pala ako ng altar dito sa post na ito hahaha.

    Bro sigurado ka ba talga na INFJ ka? haha compliment yun ha. email ko na lang pare sayo kung bakit.

    anyhoo, you are a great writer bro. and I’m so proud that you made it big here. As you can see your readers are really learning from you.

    ready na ba kayo ni mix sa self hosted? haha sabihin nyo lang at tututorial uli tayo haha

    ako naman ang pahinga at may trangkaso ako. tinatamad ako magblog pa kasi sumasakit ulo ko kaiisip. bakabukas na la-ang

    tol, get well soon, kapatid! drink lots of liquids para ano… para di ka mauhaw. teka’t magsisindi pa ako ng incense sa altar mo. hehehe… God bless!

  4. ay teka kahit walang nagtag saken gagawin ko to.. hehe. tagal na ako di nakakapagsiwalat ng mababahong sikreto ko.

    salamat, kapatid! hehehe… magta-tag dapat ako, nahihiya lang akong mamilit. get well soon!

  5. brotheeerrrr!!! nice to see that you’re back. kmusta check up?

    “Also, as a kid, I poured over anthills some soapy water, Coke, alcohol, piss, kerosene or what ever liquid on hand to reenact disasters”

    “My favorite? Monsters Inc. My favorite movie, on the other hand, has no life-changing element in it: Kill Bill I and II.”

    yan ang mga paborito kong sagot mo. napatawa ako.

    diba parang Monsters Inc ang ginagawa natin sa blogging? we go through doors of other people’s closets and listen to them scream. ok naman ang checkup. hinipuan ako ng urologist, pero mukhang part yun ng procedure. still, I felt violated! kung may women’s desk para sa inabusong kababaihan, meron din kayang seminarians’ desk?

  6. huwaw. nosebleed naman ako dito. buti na lang hindi ako nitag at walang nitag. Hindi ko ata kayang sagutin yang mga yan. Baka magkaubusan pa ng jengliz. Wapak.

    Pagaling ka bro. utoy!

    hayaan mo, eloiski, malapit nang dumating ang araw para mapagod din akong mag-jenglis.

  7. OIC ainsi lui est vrai… je sait que les nouvelles peu de monsths arrières je juste l’ont récemment confirmé et vous avez maintenant également confirmé l’information ! Par conséquent pourquoi j’ai demandé en français, coz je sais son information privée d’abit immobile ! Quoi qu’il en soit, im priant que vous obtenez la chance d’aller ! Son gona soit un ouvreur d’oeil et une grande expérience pour vous ! Heres te souhaitant toute la chance dans le monde !

    Vous utilisez un autotranslator? Votre grammaire est trop terrible.

  8. sir, in all fairness, you write very well. i am such a fan of your blog. engaging ang mga posts. Uy, we share a lot of similarities sa tag na to. HEHEHE. Pa-kopya ha

    on Q1, I too am very trusting…I prefer to see the good side of everyone

    on Q3, superman statue? LOL

    on Q6, uber love QUEEN!!!

    on Q7, love Pixar movies too…my fave is ratatouille…pati Disney, fave of all time ko is MULAN and LION KING…and can you believe it, pati BARBIE series…ang babaw di ba

    ON Q8 – (shameless plugging! haha) wont be without BLUEPY. Thank you kafatid for all your help sa hosting, photoshop and everything. You know I owe a lot to you…if not for you, di siguro ako sisikat sa blogging industry! hahahahaha

    *nagtirik ng kandila sa altar ni bluepanjeet*



    fan din ako ng ratetou… rattatuo… ratatuo… ng Mulan at Lion King.
    Teka, marami na pala tayong nag-aalay ng kandila sa Bluep Shrine. dapat mag-organize na tayo ng prayer meeting. Let us sing praises to the Great Army, the Father of our Blogs! Ok lang ba yun, Sister Chuva?

  9. Pas, im utilisant un livre… Im désolé pas qui bon encore ! Cela prend longtemps pour dactylographier aussi bien ! ! !

  10. […] is a tag originally from Leap of Faith but I kinda took this from Brother Utoy. I decided to do this because 1) It’s been quite a while since I did a tag like this, 2) I […]

  11. […] Brother Utoy dissected his experiences in tiny bits of information through a tag/meme that was passe…. […]

  12. haha anu bayun… may sekta na ako…

    come to my fold dear children of the corn hahahaha

    syempre naman, Lord Bluep, bilang panginoon namin, dapat didinggin mo rin ang aming mga prayer requests. at di lang yan mga tipong peace on earth. personally, I pray for abs. hehehe…

  13. vous n’êtes pas l’une des personnes qui savent parler français tto


    ouhlalala, bluep! et toi, aussi?

  14. Mes copains dans l’Internet sont tout les blageurs……kuya utoy nose bleed na may kasamang tumitirik na mata…wahaha

    mga pamatay ko lang yan para kunyari may mahalaga akong sasabihin. hwehweh…

  15. Bro Utoy, pasensya na at ngayong lang ako naka-comment. Medyo busy lang kami ni Pinky ngayon (kita mo, wala pa ring comment ang asawa ko). Seriously, though, thank you for doing this tag kahit na medyo feeling ko na walang tao ang maaapektohan sa aking “Passion of the Christ” tag. Buti na lang, mabait ka…hehehe.

    I admire you for being so trusting of other people. I normally feel so paranoid about leaving my personal stuff unattended especially when I am in public place in Manila. I feel that there are so many evil people lurking around just waiting for their next victim.

    Guilty rin ako of hurting all those small insects when I was young. My mom is a doctor so we had easy access to her syringes. I stole some of them and used it to inject water in the belly of those poor big red ants. Hay, so powerful nga ang feeling.

    I also love the Pixar movies… the animation is just so good.

    I trust people on what they say to me or do for, Leap. pero about personal infos, medyo ilag ako. the post about Inay is already a leap of faith for me.
    naku, syringe? a must-have para sa isang make-believe hospital!
    as for the tag, you’re welcome. in the first place, those are just too good questions to miss.
    God bless!

  16. Bro Utoy, pang-Janina San Miguel nga ang iyong mga reply…panalo! Hahaha! 😀

    Anyhoo, hope you are feeling much better now. Will continue to pray for your complete recovery.

    Take care and God bless, kapatid!

    thank you, pinky, and God bless you too!

  17. wow i hope i could be as trusting as you but for an OC like me… baka mamatay muna aq before ko magawa yan… but im not losing hope ^^

    uy, youre doing it na on your blog! opening yourself up in the internet is one way of trusting yourself to strangers. teka’t napapa-hinglish ako. sa post lang dapat ako ganito. hehehe… God bless!

  18. hehehe nakakatuwa comments nyo dito…wala lang… intriga lang ako sa title in french…I’m happy to know some other people are patient enough to learn french…c’est vrai que c’est une langue pas facile a apprendre….btw, i got your website link from Libay’s page.You’ve got a very nice and interesting blog bro. utoy 🙂 More power and God bless!

  19. […] Brother Utoy dissected his experiences in tiny bits of information through a tag/meme that was passe…. […]

  20. […] has 13 Comments so far. This is a tag originally from Leap of Faith but I kinda took this from Brother Utoy. I decided to do this because 1) It’s been quite a while since I did a tag like this, 2) I […]

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