Bisi-bisihan Overload

Recent highlights on the charmed life of Utoy, the saintly seminarian from hell.

  • my dad had a stroke last week.  I’m flying to bicol on the 5th of July to visit him.  My sister said he’s calling out for me.  Weeks ago, when I called him up on his birthday, he pleaded me to visit him there before I leave for my pastoral exposure.  When I said I’ll try but I can’t promise, he told me in high Batangueño:  “Ay ala, anak, bakin ga gay-on?  Baka ga ako eh magpantay na ang paa habang ikaw eh naanduon sa malayo.  Alaan mo namang tuong ikapamamanglaw ko ang pagyao mo duon.”  (translated:  Alas, my son, why is it so?  I fear that I should perish while you’re at a great distance.  You knew very well the sorrow it would cause me once you embark on the journey yonder.)  I then answered (also in high Batangueño), “Ay, tatay, ako ga nama’y ubos na ang bakasyon eh kainaman din naman sa hirap magpaalam sa aking supiryor at gawa nang ang pagkakaingli ng pari dine eh ako’y naghihikap laang.”  (translated:  Dad, I’ve used up all my vacations and it’s just darn dificult to get permission from my superiors as these priests often suspect that I’m just playing hookey.)  To that he replied, “Ay gay-on ga?  Ay sya’t ako na laang ang gagawa ng paraa’t nang harimanawari’y tayo eh makapagpanagpo laang at makapaglipon-lipon.”  (translated:  Is that so?  Well then, let me find a way so that, God willing, we’ll be reunited again to enjoy each other’s company.)  Two weeks later, he indeed gave me a valid and urgent reason to visit him.  Haaay, Tatay…  Seriously speaking now, I very much worried.  Please pray for my Tatay.
  • I called a plane ticketing hotline to reserve a plane seat to Bicol.  They gave me a round trip to Legaspi.  That same day, I went to pay for the reservation where I was given a printout as a ticket.  Gone were the days when tickets really looked like tickets.  Later that day, my sister called me up so say how stupid I am for booking a flight to Legaspi instead of Naga.  How on earth would I know there’s an airport in Naga? Oh, well, at least, I’ll get to see Mayon again.
  • Last thursday I went to apply for a visa.  As I checked from the embassy’s website, I learned that I am to set an appointment first before I can submit my requirements.  And so I called their visa section for a schedule.  A foreign-sounding lady answered.

         me: helo, helo, gudmowning, mam, ay wud layk to inkwayr haw mats syud I pay por bisa prasesing? tenkyu beri mats.

         foreign lady:  (paused a little)  99 euros, monsieur.

         me:  (with a certain thickness of the face)  haw mats is dat in pesos?

The lady, patient enough to bear with my temerity, gave me the amount.  I thanked him again and put down the phone.  Then, I realized, I forgot to set an appointment!  So I called up again.  A Pinay answered.

         me:  helow poh, pede poh akong magpa-sched ng appointment?

         Pinay:  mamaya pang alas dos.  (then she banged down the phone).

hmmmm… rudeness.   So I waited for 2pm and just to be sure, I called up at 2:30pm.  A different pinay answered.

          me:  helow poh, pwede pong magtanong kung…

         Different Pinay:  Hindi ito tanungan.  for setting of appointments lang.  (then she banged down the phone)

uunganaman.  My bad.  As in every situation with a lady, I always deliver the wrong pickup line.  So I called up again.  Yet another Pinay answered.

         me: helow poh, magpapasched poh ako ng date of submission.  Pede po sa byernis?

         Yet Another Pinay:  Ok.  8am, tomorrow.   (then she slams down the phone.  Standard procedure siguro nila ang maging rude.)

My conclusion:  If you happen to call or visit an embassy for visa, for your own sake, avoid the Pinay.  Most likely, she’s got PMS or is simply a bitch.

  • Two weeks ago, I gave our novices a talk on… -I don’t think you’ve guessed it-  the breviary.  It’s actually an expertise of mine as I knew the history, the structure, the theology, the inner logic (or the lack of) and quite a host of trivia about this beloved prayerbook.   It was some serious conference on prayer which the novices had no choice but to attend.  The good priests, God bless their humor, paid me with movie passes (or in today’s lingo, invites).  I spent them all at once with Kung Fu Panda and The Happening.  The Kung Fu Panda recounts my own battle with gluttony and low self-esteem and how I overcame them by eating siomai with a Master.  The Happening is a very funny movie about people killing themselves faster than they do today.  I mean, don’t pollution, over-eating, smoking, fad diets, substance abuse and sleep deprivation already examples of suicidal acts?  And the way Mr. Wahlberg acts:  Downright hilarious.
  • I gave a recollection talk to the community last Saturday which I conscentiously and lovingly prepared 30 minutes before it started.  It wasn’t bad, it turned out.  Some even congratulated me.  Now it’s official:  I’ve got a special talent, a gift of winging things out. hehehe…
  • Again, please pray for my Tatay.  and for Bluep’s Dad as well as he undergone (underwent? undergoed?  alin ang tama?) surgery today.  And pray for Jhoen to who will be ordained tomorrow to the Order of Deacons.  God bless!

19 Responses

  1. don’t worry bro.utoy. sasama namin sa prayers namin tatay mo.

    good luck!

    salamat, ponchong, salamat. God bless!

  2. I pray for your dad… and ill tell the others as well!

    take care now, wag mo pabayaan sarili mo Po!

    salamat, Jojo! uy, hiningi ko kay ben yung fat boy hat na bigay mo sa kanya. pang-fat boy kasi yun, hindi pang-bald men. God bless and thanks sa prayers!

  3. di na ako nagcomment dun sa lyka, di ko makarelate bro utoy, news lang kasi ang sinubscibe namin sa tfc.

    i will pray my hardest for your tatay. in a way i am glad that he’s still around to keep you strong and grounded, and of course para maipakita mo sa knya kung ano at gaano siya kahalaga sa iyo.

    (that’s one of my deepest regrets pagdating sa relasyon ko sa mga magulang ko. i never thought time would run out.)

    God bless all your endeavors, brother utoy. isa kang ekspertong winger, kaw na rin ang may sabi. pag natuloy ka sa pransiya, kita tayo next year. punta rin kami dun sa disney. nagiipon pa ako right now.😀

    thanks sa prayers! my dad and my family need it.
    aaminin ko na lang sayo kung bakit patok si lyka sa seminaryo. kapag naging tao na kasi si angel locsin, naka-bold sya. hayan, ipinangalandakan ko na ang kahalayan! hehehe…
    may disney sa pransya? aba, aba!

  4. mabilis na recovery for your dad bro. utoy. and ingat sa iyong biyahe. God bless!

    salamat po! di ko pa alam kung kelan this month ako aalis. si ko nga rin alam kung anong dadalhin ko. God bless!

  5. i will pray for him kuya utoy kahit ganito ako isang batang paslit pero hindi nila alam malakas ako kay kuya Jesus….wink

    god bless po!

    alam mo, kamootz, mas gusto nga ni kuya Jesus ang prayers ng isang batang paslit, lalo na kung cute na cute tulad mo. God bless din!

  6. bro utoy sana makarecover agad ang tatay mo….
    ang susungit naman ng mga pinay sa embassy na yan…

    sobrang sungit. iniisip ko na nga lang na baka aburido sila kasi walang lovelife. haynako…
    God bless and thanks for the kind words!

  7. Bro Utoy, I hope your dad recovers soon. Ang hirap when family members get sick. Hay, next time kapag sinabi ni Tatay that you should visit him, you should visit him or else!

    Those Pinays you spoke to are very rude. I think naiingit lang yon at ikaw ay magpupunta abroad!

    Sige, we’ll pray for your dad.

    thnaks for the kind words and prayers, leap! the pinays? may God bless them with good boyfriends para di na sila magsungit.

  8. I will also offer a prayer for your dad. Sana makarecover cia agad.

    thanks, CCG! God bless!

  9. unang una, english na naman!!! 75 nga lang grade ko sa english nung second year ako e… hahaha,,,

    dont worry i will pray for your dad pati na rin si bebeko

    hayaan mo, mang BADoy, sa agosto, buwan ng wika ay may tagalized version na ang blog na ito. hehehe… trinanslate ko pa nga ang Batangan Tagalog namin ni tatay for da inglis-ispiking pipol. hehehe…
    thanks for the prayers! God bless!

  10. i will be praying for your dad… funny how situations can present two sides of an issue… sinasabi ko lang yan, brother, kasi i have an issue with my father now and, as of now, i hate him. anyway, you saw kung fu panda? it’s hilarious!!!! hihihi! mababaw lang kasi ako.

    i hope you get to post often when you leave. mamimiss kita.

    thanks for the prayers! i remember what my mom said about hating my own tatay: ok lang na di mo sya magustuhan, basta wag mo lang siyang iiwasan. I don’t know why i’m sharing this. basta, ganun!
    yup, kung fu panda is very funny! uy, malalim din yung message ng movie ha. moral lesson: eat siomai while training. profound!
    i hope i made you smile.
    God bless!

  11. bro utoy, send my regards to your dad (as if, kilala nya ako, hehe). im praying that your dad will get well very soon, grabe naman yang paraan nya to see you, hehehe…

    bakit nga kaya matataray mga pinoy sa kapwa pinoy, nakakairita talaga sila, hellouer? kahit sa airport, sa immigration, ang bait sa mga forenger (foreigner), all smiles, pag pinoy na ang kausap, sambakol ang mukha nila… the nerve!!! ahahaa… Godbless po🙂

    ang iniisip ko na lang, wifeybee, eh baka naiinggit lang sila. hehehe… thanks for the prayers and God bless!

  12. more prayers coming your way from alemanya! and for bluep’s dad, too.

    alam mo i dont know kung bakit may pagka alien yung mga tao sa mga embassy akala yata nila e ibang level na sila porket andun sila, nung tumawag din ako sa embassy at pinoy ang nakasagot ganito ba naman ang sabi sa akin ‘ ganun, nakahanap ka na ng mapapangasawa? kaya kailangan mo ng visa?’ haneps naman.. super polite ako ang muntik ng magbaba ng telepono!

    sinabi nila yun??!! aba, in one sentence, nakapang-insulto na sila at nakapaghamon pa ng away! kung kilala lang nila ang nasa kabilang linya ano? hehehe…
    Thanks for the prayers!

  13. Will definitely include your Tatay’s healing and quick recovery in my prayers. I can very well relate at how much we worry over sickness only to realize time and again that our Lord is bigger than anything that we fear. Hang in there, kapatid!

    As for the “incomprehensible” rudeness by some of our kabayans working for embassies… I agree with Kengkay – a lot of them seem to think that they are “above” the rest of the population just because of their jobs… haay buhay!

    there’s nothing more reassuring than the prayers of friends for my dad. salamat po!
    as for our kababayans… haay, buhay talaga!

  14. sarap sabunutan nung mga pinay. asar, muntikan ako mabilaokan dito habang break ko dahil sa rudeness ng mga pinay. kaaasar….

    kaasar talaga. kung hindi nga lang talaga ako may kailangan eh… thanks for dropping by my balay!

  15. Bro. Utoy, sana gumaling na ang iyong mahal na tatay. Isasama ko siya sa aking mga dasal, ngayon lang ulit ako nakabisita sa blog mo kaya ngayon ko lang nalaman. Sana’y gumaling siya ng tuluyan at manumbalik ang kanyang lakas. God bless!

    salamat, mix, salamat!

  16. praying for your dad’s recovery, brother utoy.

    most Pinays who work for the government are rude….unfriendly and not helpful. totoo yan! hinde pa marunong magsukli. siguro stress sa work o baka walang social life? LOL

    hinayaan ko na nga lang eh kasi ako naman ang may kailangan. isa pa, naiblog ko naman sila. hehehe… siguro nagtataka sila ngayon kung bakit lagi nilang nakakagat ang dila nila. hehe…

  17. i hope your tatay feels much better now that you’re there to keep him company. as for those rude pinays — baka nahawa sila sa mga boss nilang pranses…? haha. this reminded me of a news link i read yesterday:,8599,1820358,00.html?xid=feed-yahoo-full-world

    kinabahan ako sa article na yun ah. sabi nga nila. parisians are the worst when it comes to hospitality. lagot ako nito! thanks for the prayers! God bless you too!

  18. Hi Bro. Batangueño pala tatay mo? La lang. Batangas rin kasi probinsya ko.

    by the way, Carlista ka pala. Anong year mo na? May mga kaibigan rin kasi ako sa loob, tsaka dun sa HASS. Baka lang kakilala mo.

    saan ka sa batangas, kapatid? ako, extern sa SCS Theology Dept. sino pala ang mga kilala mo dun?

  19. How’s ur dad? God bless your family especially your dad…
    you’re going to france? huwaw naman! kakainggit! natawa namana q sa entry na2 hehehe… kelangan wid translation pa… my students are french they keep on asking me kelan aq pupunta dun as if 8 pesos lang pamasahe… sabi halos nila lahat sila bahala sa titirhan at kakainin q kaso wala ako pamasahe eh hehehe…
    di lahat ng pinay na walang lablayp masungit noh!

    syempre, there are exceptions among pinays. teka, bakit nag-rereact para sa mga pinay ang honey namin?🙂

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