LOBO: waiting for Lyka to be human again

ay, lobo!I’m not a big fan of this Kapamilya after-dinner offering but it actually got me hooked for some days along with my brothers in the seminary.  I’m talking about this Underworld-meets-My Sassy Girl-meets-Devil-Wears Prada-meets-Wowowee primetime teleserye by  ABS-CBN:  Lobo.

Lobo, for the benefit of those who denies knowledge of this TV show, is about the endless battle between the lycanthropic Lobos and the trigger-happy Lunas and their untiring obsession with the Pulang Buwan.  The Lunas, the self-proclaimed defenders of the world from the Lobos, went very creative in hunting the these shapeshifters by disguising themselves as military men on a highly confidential mission.  The Wayas, the white-furred Lobos, went incognito by passing themselves as trend-setting, rave party loving fashionistas (roll your eyes here).   Then there’s the Itim na Lobo who love to hang out in empty warehouses, salivate rabidly and apply thick eye liners.  These three groups were battling each other in a highly believable manner though really, what do these soldiers have against fashionistas?

Ths show apparently tried to extend its lifespan (and its claim for sponsorship) as since two weeks ago, the Pulang Buwan has already risen and still, there’s about a week more of episodes coming this July.  Huh?  But it doesn’t matter.  To the seminarians on this part of the world, what’s important is that Lyka (played by the byutipul Angel Locsin) changes into Lobo and into human again and hope there will be substantial camera exposure to go with it.  Why is this important?  Go figure it out yourself.


9 Responses

  1. kahit naka-tfc kami, di naman pinapanuod to, after my girl, dead na ang tv, ahahaha….

    ha?! before my girl ito eh! it’s a good series, pramis. medyo may effort sa pagsulat ng script. God bless!

  2. Bro Utoy, my wife is also hooked now on Lobo. She is forcing me to subscribe to TFC so she can watch it when she comes back here in the Mid East.

    Siguro ang galing nga kapag nag transform si Angel from lobo to human… I assume fully clothed siya when she turns into human again (although I’m hoping hindi) otherwise maba-ban ito sa seminary no?

    no, leap, she isn’t… uhmmmm, fully clothed.

  3. hi bruder utoy!..

    apir sa lobo,! fanatic ang pamilya namin diyan..! thanks to TFC…katwa naman kayo at nakkpanood rin pala ng mga soap..

    salamat sau nga pala sa pagbisita..and correction lang po, (w/c is confusing talga)..di ko po kayo natag, ikw po ang isa name na naisip ko sa top ten name na imp part ng tag.

    hope u’ll check again someday..i highlight ur amusing link in there..for the rest to see..

    naku, pasensya na! nahalata tuloy na di ko binasa mabuti ang post. hehehe… salamat sa description doon at sa link. i feel unworthy! God bless and have a great day!

  4. Bro, group hug tayo!!! “Lobo-istas” unite! Although, admittedly (and for obvious reasons!), I watch the show for reasons other than Lyka’s “transformation” – hehehe 😉 Fan lang talaga ako ni…P (as in Pilar Pilapil!!!) 😆

    and really, may story din naman diba? 🙂 rivetting nga eh.

  5. […] · No Comments Inspired by my favorite seminarian blogger Bro Utoy’s most recent “wolf-ish” entry, I, too, decided to momentarily let the “jologs” in me out of the closet to roam about […]

  6. bro utoy, sa tfc po, after my girl ang lobo, hehehe… for clarification lang po… Godbless

    cute din ang my girl kahit na re-rendering lang ng original korean. 🙂

  7. although this story is somewhat patterned after tale of nine tailed fox, ok pa rin cia since medyo humiwalay na ang story nya as the teleserye progresses. Maganda yung teleserye, mas aliw ako sa mga stunts tsaka kapag umaaulong yung mga itim na lobo ehehehhe…

    napa-google agad ako dun sa tale of the nine tailed fox ah. hehehe… Awwooohh!!!

  8. no comment..

    i never watch this show on abs. di ko type. i loathe it in fact, soreee. kaka insecure ang angel. LOL

    aba, si sheryl cruz ng blogosphere, maiinsecure? hehehe… insecure din naman ako kay piolo pero konting sacrifice lang yun para maabangan ang transformation ni Lyka. har!

  9. Hahaha, ngaun ko lang nabasa to brother, eh ako din nahook dito sa serye na to, as in dinadownload ko pa sa youtube before tas nakikigulo din ako sa PEX, umabot nga ng 14 threads dun eh and counting, kasi until now nagcocommunicate parin ang mga wolfies, hehehe

    teka, meron din bang lobong grey? o kaya striped na puti at itim na parang zebra?

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