Invitation Part 2: This is it!!!

2 Responses

  1. Congrats po, Rev. Vergel.
    Ganap na pari na po pala kayo by April 21.

    Baka po umatend kami ni nanay sa ordination niyo. Pero gusto po sana niya umatend sa Thanksgiving Mass ninyo, kaso lang ang layo.

    By the way nga po pala, frequent Mass-goer po kami ni nanay sa Sta. Cruz Church and adorer ng Blessed Sacrament. Di ba po kayo yung laging nagdedeliver ng Morning Prayer? Ang ganda pala ng boses niyo.

  2. Hehe Bro. Utoy este Fr. Utoy pla! ^_^ CONGRATS! talagang this is really is it! 🙂 Even the devil cannot stop this! I’ve been a stalker reader of your blog in the past and I’ve always find your post hilarious yet inspiring.. This is my first time to comment and I thought na di ko palalagpasin ito to greet you on your most special day. I think nag-bloblog hopping ako nun when I found your link through another blogger who’s also an aspiring seminarian.. Anyways I’m still very much moved by your vocation story since I can also relate to parts of it. Yung feeling of restlessness that the Lord has plans for you pero di mo maintindihan.. Pero I’m hopeful that someday kagaya mo “I’ll be able to find my place in the greater scheme of things” ^_^ Basta Fr. Utoy continue to persevere in the faith and keep on being an inspiration.. I’ll include you in my prayers na sana maging maayos ang lahat sa ordination mo and please say a prayer for me too.. And May the Lord of the harvest send more workers in His vineyard..

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